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What is Collective Management?

What is Collective Management?
Collective management is one option within the copyright system that requires or allows rights holders to administer their rights through a Collective Management Organization (CMO)
Managing copyright and related rights individually may not always be realistic. An author, director, performer or producer, for instance, cannot contact every single radio station to negotiate licenses and remuneration for the use of their songs. On the other side, it is not practical for a radio station to seek specific permission from every author, performer and producer for the use of each song. CMOs facilitate rights clearance in the interest of both parties and economic reward for rights holders.

What is CMO?
Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) are, in most cases, not-for-profit entities; their legal form can be either private or public. Depending on the repertoire they represent, they can also be called Music Licensing Companies (MLCs), Mechanical Rights Organizations (MROs), Performers’ Collective Management Organizations (PMOs) or Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs).
Various types of collective management approaches exist, including statutory/mandatory collective management, as well as contractual/voluntary collective management.

Why use a CMO's services?
Typically, a CMO:
MONITORS when, where and what works are used;
NEGOTIATES tariffs and other conditions with users;
LICENSES the use of protected works on behalf of its members and of other rights holders it represents; and
COLLECTS the fees from users and DISTRIBUTES these to the rights holders.

What is 'Copyright Agency and Brokerage Service' of Korea?

‘Copyright agency and brokerage service’ means a business which acts as an agent or a broker on behalf of the holder of economic rights of author, an exclusive right of publication, publication right, or neighboring right or a person who has the right as a database producer, regarding exploitation of works.

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