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DGK History


Inaugurates 8th presidents, Director MIN Kyu-dong and Director JK YOUN

・ DGK member BONG Joon-ho wins the best director Oscar for Parasite
・ ‘Gyeonggi Scenario development’ Project - with Gyeonggi Content Agency
・ ‘Story-up’ short film production support project – with CJ Cultural Foundation
・ DGK-MBC-wavve / SF8 series production
・ Admitted as a provisional member of CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers)
・ Sponsor the 19th Mise-en-scene Short Films Festival


・ MOU with China Film Directors Guild
・ Gyeonggi development Project - with Gyeonggi Content Agency
・ Runs Project ‘Director Support Plan’
・ Creates a code of conduct [Stop. Support. Report.]. Principles for creating a film production environment without sexual harassment.
・ Attends CISAC’s general conference
・ MOU with W&DW
・ MOU with ADG(Australian Directors Guild & Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collection Society)
・ Authorized as a copyright agency and brokerage service by MSCT Korea
・ Runs 19th Director’s Cut Awards


Inaugurates 7th presidents, Director MIN Kyu-dong and Director JK YOUN

・ Runs ‘G-cinema diverse film development’ project
・ Established 4 essential clause for DGK directing contract
・ Attends 1st ‘Korea-China film Directors Forum’
・ Attends 22th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival ‘Made in Asia Forum’
・ Awards 23th Busan International Film Festival ‘Vision Award’
・ Runs 18th Director’s Cut Awards


Inaugurates 6th president, Director BONG Joon-ho

・ Runs ‘Korea-Vietnam Film Festival’
・ Runs 17th Director’s Cut Awards


Inaugurates 5th president, Director BONG, Joon-ho


Established a ‘DGK director contract’


Inaugurates 4th president, Director LEE Joon-ik

・ Completed the corporate legalization of DGK


・ Report the corporate legalization of DGK on an extraordinary general meeting


Inaugurates 3rd president, Director KWON Chil-in


Inaugurates 2nd presidents, Director KIM Dae-seung, BONG Joon-ho, CHOI Dong-hoon


Inaugurates 1st presidents -Director KWON Chil-in, PARK Chan-wook, RYOO Seung-wan

・ Foundation of Directors Guild of Korea (DGK)
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